Interior photography at Erddig

Photo taken at Erddig National Trust

Even on an overcast day a visit to Erdigg, near Wrexham in Wales provided some interesting photography challenges.  With the gardens being rain soaked, the interior rooms still offered wonderful room settings.

The image here shows what can be achieved with a little care.  With low light levels to preserve the many valuable artefacts on display, using a slow shutter speed to provide the correct exposure and still give a reasonable depth of field – aperture setting, means finding a good spot to overcome ‘camera shake’. 

In this case it was marble pillar, against which my shoulder, and the camera could rest.  A door frame or window frame could do just as well.  If you can set up a tripod, that is so much better.

The end result as you see, is a colourful image of the life and style in historical Erddig, one of the many National Trust properties open to the public and well worth a visit.